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Email Marketing – Stellar Subject Lines

Fifty characters are all that stands between you and the success of your next email campaign.Why? Because 50 characters is all the space you have in a typical subject line. You have 50 characters – or less – to catch the attention of your readers, entice them to open your email and take action.

How could something so small make or break the success of your whole campaign? Because potential recipients use the subject line to decide whether to open or delete an email or, worse yet, report the email as spam.

The dearth of characters in subject lines makes writing them a challenge. But it’s worth doing well because a good subject line can get your email opened in a ash. With so much at stake, marketers need a quick reference tool for developing subject lines that get the desired result: opened emails. Let our 12 simple rules for stellar results be your guide.

Rule 1: Read the news

If you want to develop subject lines that result in higher open rates, pick up your local paper or peruse online news sources. Headlines usually highlight a story’s most important point with brevity, while taking the audience into consideration. For instance, a headline about a recent industry development might be written as “KQ Airlines faces turbulent ride.” The story itself could be about any number of things, including increasing labour, aircraft and borrowing costs. But the headline is short, clever and intriguing enough to compel one to read the entire article to find out exactly what it was about.

Subject lines, where possible, should clearly state what your readers can expect from your email, what’s in it for them or what you want them to do as a result of the email. And with so much competition for a reader’s attention, your subject line must stand out from the rest in a relevant way. Emulating news headlines can be a good starting point in the development of subject lines.

Emulating news headlines can be a good starting point in the development of subject lines.